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BLOG – “This is THE event for listed companies to get in personal contact with investors.”


The Investor On Tour offers CEOs a unique interactive platform. During an 8-minute pitch, they are given the opportunity to convince investors to invest in their company. “Investor relations isn’t a fad; it is crucial that organisations connect with investors.”

The Investor On Tour (TIOT) is a wonderful opportunity for participating companies to communicate their strategy, mission and vision to investors in a direct and targeted way. “We notice that companies that participate regularly in TIOT build a bond of trust with investors,” says John Smit, Director at Comfidens, which as a specialist in financial and corporate communication is coordinating the event.

“Take for example Ageas. In the associated polls that we organise, you notice that this Belgian insurance company already has the attention of 80% of the audience even before the pitch starts.” The company understands that regular contact with private investors is important. And this pays off: investors offer that trust back in return.

Annual report as a starting point

Within the framework of investor relations, it is best that companies stay in touch with investors throughout the year. In this regard, Comfidens believes strongly in an always on reporting strategy. John Smit: “Many companies finish their annual report and are then happy that they are done for the year. We prefer to see the publication as a starting point.” Throughout that same year, organisations can use, amongst others, elements from their report to communicate with investors and stakeholders.

How? For example, by using a content strategy, and via fascinating stories to position the company. “Or by publishing the annual report on the websites of De Tijd | L’Echo, via our annual reports service,” John Smit adds. “Or by communicating with investors via a so-called shareholder box on De Tijd | L’Echo.” And then there are also new trends, of which the podcast is the most notable and popular at the moment.

‘Thanks to the online part, there is no longer a limit to the number of registrations.’

– John Smit, Director at Comfidens

Hybrid live-event

Participation in The Investor On Tour also fits perfectly within a well-considered and powerful investor relations strategy. A tour that crossed the entire country and where investors from various cities and regions will get the question – both before and after four CEOs delivering their pitch – whether or not they would invest in that company. “Through a moderator, investors can also ask personal questions to the companies,” clarifies John Smit. “A very exciting and fascinating concept.”

As a result of Covid-19, this year, TIOT has evolved into a hybrid event. In the future, both a live audience in the room and an online audience will be able to follow the CEO pitches. The main advantage now is the reach in unlimited. John Smit: “In the past, we could invite a maximum of 350 people in the room. Thanks to the online part, there is no limit to the number of registrations.”

And the organisers do notice the difference. For the edition in Ghent in 2020, 1,400 people registered; and in Brussels, over 1,000. Remarkable is the fact that adding the digital part, also suddenly attracted a younger investors audience.

“This is a fact in the room, but also amongst the profiles of the online participants,” concludes John Smit. “We look forward to turning the next editions this year in succesful hybrid events.”

Next editions

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  • 14/06 – L’Investisseur On Tour (French)
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Some impressions from the previous editions

The Investor On Tour Is an initiative by De Belegger/L’Investisseur, a publication by Mediafin (De Tijd | L’Echo).